Team Building
London Funopoly

Race around the familiar destinations of the Monopoly board, take photos and maybe even catch some robbers while you’re at it!

Our Monopoly themed team event is great if you want to experience London while hosting a fun team building event, if you do then London ‘Fun’opoly is right up your street. Based on the world famous board game, planning, team work and communication are needed to succeed!

With one roll of the dice you could Pass Go or get sent Straight To Jail! This is a fast paced fun event racing around the City Of London!

Location, location, location! It’s the destinations here that are going to be real winners but pick the wrong ones and your team will have to work twice as hard to be in with a chance!

Team Building - London Funopoly energise and build your teams with this fantastically fun team building event set within the heart of London

Competing against the clock and each other, teams have to earn as much fun money as possible! London ‘Fun’opoly will have your teams racing around London using their ingenuity, resourcefulness and team creativity!

Race around the familiar destinations of the Monopoly Board, take photos and maybe even catch some robbers while you’re at it!

Each team has a limited time to report to a location in London for the chance of rolling the giant dice to earn bonus fun money – every bit helps!

Any size group and starting from the location of your choice In London.

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Event summary:

Event: London Funopoly
Location: London
Group size: 12-500
Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Price: N/A
London Funopoly

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