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Dynamic teams and motivated staff are the essential ingredients of a successful business in today's increasingly competitive market. They make the difference between a good business and an outstanding business.

Team building: developing the individual - building the business

Team building events and exercises encourage individuals to work together in teams in dynamic and interesting ways. Properly structured team building exercises not only demonstrate the effectiveness and power of motivated teams and team working, but they often develop the individual as well, in terms of identifying and developing skills.

A motivated and dynamic team in the work place can make a significant difference to the bottom line of the business. Good teams can overcome challenges, achieve the impossible and strive for ever greater success.

The actual team building event itself is often considered a great means of motivating staff, making them feel valued and involved as well as being seen by many as a highly rewarding experience

EMG Events - specialists in building teams

EMG Events can help you build effective teams through our team building events. We have significant experience in organising team building events for a wide variety of organisations with an even wider variety of objectives.

Unlike other companies, we want to know what your objectives for the event are before we recommend anything, we want you to have a successful event and for that event to meet all your objectives. Once we know what your objectives are, we can recommend a range of different activities and events that will meet your objectives.

EMG Events can cater for either large or small groups, and will tailor each and every event to the specific needs and objectives of our clients. Our singular aim is to ensure your satisfaction, and off course, a more motivated and dynamic team!

What does a team building event consist of?

Whilst the actual structure and content of a particular team building event will be dependent on the individual objectives of our client, the general objectives of a team building event will include:

  • developing and improving communication within the team
  • breaking down the barriers within and without teams
  • developing and identifying leaderships skills
  • promoting creativity and challenging accepted norms (thinking outside the box)
  • helping teams and individuals manage change
  • increasing morale back in the work place.

Our events are hosted in a relaxed, fun environment (as this is more conducive to learning), and are managed by highly experience staff.

Find out more:

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Team Building Ideas

EMG Events work with a small and very enthusiastic, creative and can do  team of people, with effective event management skills and over 14 years of experience in delivering effective team building events.

Corporate team building events are challenging to host and organise. Finding the right venue, arranging the catering, planning activities, liaising with all parties, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed.

EMG Events can help. We have the experience, contacts and know-how to save you time and money. And most importantly we’ll make sure your corporate event is a resounding success.

Please see below for some of our freatured team building ideas.